terms & conditions apply  

refuse: (v)(n)(–)   ✕

by Matteo Zamagni
refuse: (v)(n)(–) contains many high-res image + video works and should be experienced on larger screens.

Terms & Conditions Apply is a visual metaphor for the Anthropocene. This new geologic era, irreversibly determined by human activity on the planet, marks a permanent shift in the ecosystems and evolutionary processes. The disconnect between our human race and the natural world has accumulated immeasurable destruction that places the continued existence of our and other species in jeopardy. This project takes on a few issues surrounding the term through an interactive experience. Here, pristine landscapes and 3D scans of natural formations become contaminated as the viewer moves physically closer to and spends more time with the work.

Matteo Zamagni is a new media artist based in London working in video direction, real-time and offline graphics and interactive multimedia installations. His research interrogates the tensions between diametric perceptions of our environments. These include mysticism and modern science, macro and micro scales of nature, the digital and ecological, and the conscious and unconscious mind. His work also explores the body as an interface for immersive technologies and neuroscientific research that evaluate illusory properties and recurring patterns between the mind and physical state of living beings.