refuse: (v)(n)(–)   ✕

by Sean Roy Parker + Jamie Hudson
refuse: (v)(n)(–) contains many high-res image + video works and should be experienced on larger screens.

When traversing the Hackney canal path, constantly busy with cyclists and pedestrians obstructing each other, boating exercises and brunching, it's difficult to ignore the plethora of discarded materials underfoot. Littering is a particular rejection of responsibility; apathetic and selfish, unpunished.

Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles will never biodegrade but our ideas will.

These remnants of consumer culture will long outlive the frames and gestures they occupy in 'Proof'. The permanence of thoughtlessness is manifested as a series of archival tiles - scientific samples of the human condition and material lifespan. Contained by conventional box-frames, local debris is concretised in both its preservation in jesmonite and the rhetoric of its arrangement.

Proof (2017) debris, jesmonite, black pigment, pine.
Site-specific works made on Common Room residency at Guest Projects, July 2017

If, in the Anthropocene, depolluting the walkway is a form of activism, then canonising the fragments is limp and passive. Looking at climate change realistically should incite guilt and distribute accountability, but reflecting the communal destruction of our most precious urban spaces through planned sculpture is pissing into the wind.

We also made bread & butter pudding from salvaged ciabatta and fallen plums. Perhaps resourcefulness like this is the ultimate creative tool to combat the depressing culture of waste.

Sean Roy Parker is a visual artist and social worker based in London. He looks at human attitudes towards waste, the lifecycle of materials and the psychology of the Anthropocene. Capitalising on surplus and antipathy, he collects and repurposes excess foods, packaging and industrial debris, redistributing playful composites like chutneys, sculptures and pamphlets. Parker also delivers collaborative workshops to fringe communities under PEFA Projects, and is Creative Director at Clinic Publishing. His work has been included in 'SWAP: Trade' at SET Space, London (2017), ‘Systems for Sharing’, Deptford X, London (2015); ‘POLYMYTH X Miss Information’, Auto Italia, London (2015) and ‘Pleasure, Balance, Devotion’, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2015).

Jamie Hudson is a Leeds based artist and designer. His work considers shifting identities, comparing digitally formalised conceptions of life with the mess of lived experience. He produces material results that are often inconsistent and fragile, making use of accessible means of assembly such as writing, drawing and sound aggregation. He operates Sendspaace, a publishing imprint and radio project that distributes sound-work while examining the transitory patterns of technology and production. He helps to run a study group in Leeds called Nocturne, and programs experimental music shows under the alias Nail to Head.

Jamie and Sean met on alternative art course School of the Damned in February 2017.