refuse: (v)(n)(–)  

refuse: (v)(n)(–)   ✕

a worm art + ecology project
refuse: (v)(n)(–) contains many high-res image + video works and should be experienced on larger screens.

refuse: (v)(n)(–) is Worm’s first online issue that frames today’s environmental challenges alongside the current climate for creative production. Through three interpretations of the word refuse, as a verb, a noun, and a hyphenated potential, this curatorial project focuses on ecological resistance, deterioration and restoration. Worm presents 16 artists and practitioners through 13 stimulating and diverse works, gathered together as commissions and through an open call. It is important to consider that most of these overlap in the (v)(n)(-) arrangement, some even extend past these definitions and in turn activate a refusal to be codified. They traverse the tangential spaces beyond the territories of discourse, and offer useful and exciting interpretations not to be defined by but to think with.

Pando Endo by Jakob Kudsk Steensen ––– Ungurrookoolpum by Kerri Meehan + Alex Ressel ––– Right Place by Melmel Chen ––– Terms & Conditions Apply by Matteo Zamagni ––– Sea Wall by Annabel Duggleby ––– The Chemical Valley Project: An interview with Broadleaf Theatre ––– The Performance of Trees by Connor Brazier + Dave Young ––– Resistant Materials by Rachel Pimm ––– The Inhuman Ecstacy of Toxic Waste by Uma Breakdown ––– Proof by Sean Roy Parker + Jamie Hudson ––– R/E:Volve by Samuel Capps ––– A Recipe for Lactofermented Lemonade by Elena Colman ––– The Plastisphere by Nana Maclean